Cheapest Storage in Manchester

Why are our storage prices so competitive?

Our prices are lower than all our competitors because we are a brand new purpose built specialist self storage centre with plenty of empty space that we are very keen to rent out, to such an extent that we will not be beaten on price by anyone!

Cheap Storage Manchester gives each customer a tailored and individual price based on when, how long and what is being stored.
We GUARANTEE that our storage prices are the best you will find in the Manchester area

Extra Optional Advanced Payment Discount

  • Pay for 4 months and receive 5% discount
  • Pay for 6 months and receive 10% discount
  • Pay for 12 months and receive 20% discount

All methods of payment are accepted i.e. Credit/Debit Card, Cash, BACS, Direct Debit
You can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly
You can even make your 1st Payment by Tesco Reward Points.


Customer of another storage centre?

  • We Guarantee to give you a huge saving
  • We will provide you your 1st MONTH’S STORAGE & INSURANCE FREE.
  • We will also offer a FREE COLLECTION FROM YOUR OLD STORAGE COMPANY up to a 60 mile radius.


Guaranteed Cheapest Prices in Manchester

50% off 1st 12 weeks

Student Storage

Free Van Rental


No deposit Just pay weekly

Free Insurance

Open 7 days a week until late

Storage from £1 per week

Free unlimited supply of packaging boxes


  • Unlike most of our competitors storage centres, most of our storage rooms are on the ground floor meaning that there are no lengthy waits for lifts nor the need to carry heavy, bulky items up staircases.
  • Access to your belongings 7 days a week until late
  • Several Drive-in loading bays
  • Free use of forklift, trolleys and pallet trucks
  • We provide Free Car Parking Facilities


  • We will arrange a collection convenient to you
  • Our experienced staff will do all the lifting, carrying and loading of the van and transfer into your storage unit
  • We also can quote you for a return delivery for anywhere in the UK


  • No minimum or maximum stay – store for as long or as short as you like
  • NO deposit required – just pay weekly
  • FREE Insurance
  • Advance Payment Discounts Find out more
  • NO hidden charges
  • You only pay for the space you need whether its only a few boxes or the whole house
  • Our price guarantee means we won’t be beaten for a comparable price


  • 24hr CCTV
  • Over 300 CCTV Cameras
  • Comprehensive ‘monitored’ Red Care Alarm System
  • You are the only key holder to your securely locked storage unit


  • Our FREE self drive van hire can be used by ALL customers including friends or relatives
  • The van can be used even if you are only storing for a few days
  • Vans are available for ALL day use
  • All vans are fully insured by Cheap Storage Manchester


  • We provide friendly expert staff to advise you on a storage solution to suit your needs
  • Our Staff are available to help you when moving in or out of storage
  • Great customer reviews
  • Member of the SSA (Self Storage Association)

Storage From As Little As £1 Per Week!

 We understand that our customers have very different needs when it comes to their self storage. That’s why we offer all our customers a unique price tailored to their needs. Starting from just an unbelievable £1 per week, we’ll come to an agreement based on when you’re storing with us, for how long, and what size storage is needed. We always provide excellent customer service, and we have the best prices in Manchester here at Cheap Storage Manchester.

 We guarantee that our storage prices will always be the best in the Manchester area. We’re driven to be the cheapest option in Manchester for your self storage. We’ve got a brand new purpose-built self storage facility and we can’t wait to see you make use of it!

 Our great storage prices and brand new storage centre is perfect for anyone. If you’re heading for a gap year and need student storage, our facility and free offers are the perfect affordable student storage options for you. If you’re a business looking to store files or surplus stock, we’ll come pick everything up and store it for you. Perhaps you’re storing antiques and family heirlooms because you’re out space at home? Whatever your needs, we’ve got a storage unit that’s perfect for you, and we promise to be the cheapest self storage option in Manchester!

 Free Collections And Removal In Manchester

 We know that when you’re moving, you’ve got a lot to think about. Moving and organising all your things can be stressful, which is why we’re here to help. We’re dedicated to helping ease the pressure and take things off your hands. That’s why we offer all our customers a free, reliable, fast and efficient removal and collection service. Available to all businesses and homes within 60 miles of Manchester, this service comes at absolutely no extra cost!

 This fantastic service is available to nearly all of our customers and is often available and no extra cost. We can even be available to collect the same day! If you’re in or around Manchester, we’ll take your things to and from our storage centre when you need.

 One of the worst things that can happen during a move or clear-out is that you injure yourself lifting things. Pulling your back and taking yourself out of commission is an absolute nightmare! That’s why our service includes our trained professionals who will carry your furniture and other belongings to the removals van. They’ll drive to our storage centre and start filling your storage space for you.

 We know that not everyone has the time to pack and move their things themselves. Some people just aren’t physically capable of this strenuous task. Luckily, we’re also capable of arranging a packing service to help you in moving and relocating around the Manchester area. We even offer a full removal and relocation service for those who don’t need to hire storage space.

 The fact that we offer this service for free makes us not only the cheapest site in Manchester but one that provides the most extras to make your storage journey as smooth and cost free as possible. We know that you need to cut costs wherever you can, because everything adds up! But we’ve got you covered. Use Cheap Storage Manchester for a free collection and removal service and one less thing to worry about!

 Free Van Rental In Manchester

 If you’re not in need of a full removal or collections service, we also offer free van rental in the Manchester area. That’s right – when you book a storage unit with Cheap Storage Manchester, you get use of one of our vans completely free! Take your move into your own hands and save yourself money with Cheap Storage Manchester – the cheapest in Manchester!

 This generous offer extends to all our customers. You can benefit from our free van rental even if you’re only storing with us for a few days. It’s easy for things to become delayed, get postponed, and fall off schedule during a move or clear-out. There are so many factors to juggle that having free van rental means you have the flexibility to deal with everything on your own terms!

 None of our competitors offer this free service for short storage periods. We’re the cheapest in Manchester, and we’re dedicated to helping you save costs wherever possible. We want to provide affordable storage space that anyone can use – that’s why we built a brand new storage centre and offer these great free services!

 All of our vans are fully insured, giving you one less thing to spend time and money on. We’re here to make your life easier. We’ve got the best prices and the perfect storage units for you. Get in touch today to book your self storage and enjoy free van rental during your clear-out or move!

 Free Packing Boxes

 Unlike our self storage competitors here in Manchester, we’re happy to supply you with as many packing boxes as you possibly need – completely free of charge! There’s no limit to this service. So whether you’re packing a few boxes of work things or antiques away for a bit, or packing your entire home away in preparation for a move, we’ve got you covered! There’s a good chance you’ll need more boxes than you think, but that’s ok. We’ll give you as many as you need!

 Most of our competitors charge between £2 and £5 per cardboard box. As you can see, moving with Cheap Storage Manchester will save you a lot on packing boxes! We’ve got the best prices in the area, and we can’t wait to see all your things safely packed away into one of our storage units.

 We have boxes of all sizes available for you. To make the most of your storage unit, it’s important to use the right boxes. There’s no point having boxes that are too big, forcing you to use more storage space than you need to store your belongings. We have packing boxes for all different needs, so that you can pack efficiently and make the most of our self storage facility.

 We also have mattress covers, sofa and armchair covers, bubble wrap, tape, and other packing supplies in stock. Packing can be an intensive, detailed endeavour! Having the right supplies is important, and Cheap Storage Manchester has you covered!






Home Storage

Business Storage

Student Storage

Storage Size Estimator

Figuring out what storage space you need is never easy. You might not need as much space as you think to begin with, or you might be surprised by how just how much space all your things take up! Here at Cheap Storage Manchester, we see a lot of people get it wrong the first time, because it all depends on what it is you want to store and how well it’s going to stack together. A lot of people find themselves surprised when they first enter their storage unit and it’s either far too big or too small for their needs.

We recommend getting in touch with one of our experts for a quick chat on the matter. Having a decent idea of how much storage space you need can end up saving you money by getting it right the first time. That’s why we have an online storage calculator that you can use to give you an estimate of how much space you need. Using our calculator is a great place to start, but it helps to have some point of reference to begin with. 

It can be hard to visualise how much space you might need. Here’s a quick guide:

  • 25 sq ft unit

This is roughly the size of a full family car load, or a walk in cupboard. This is a great amount of space for storing things like extra boxes, mattresses, books, records/files and other miscellaneous items. 

  • 35 sq ft unit

About the size of a full transit van. Similar storage space to a small flat. 

  • 50 sq ft unit

Imagine filling up your garden shed. That’s similar to a 50 sqft storage unit. You can fit a lot in there. Good for storing the contents of a studio apartment, with room for a number of boxes, kitchen appliances and chairs.

  • 75 sq ft unit

Enough space to fill a large, luton size van. Great for storing the contents of a one bedroom flat. Imagine filling up an entire parking space with storage items. Ideal for furniture, including a sofa, chairs, a small dining set, bicycles and sports equipment. Enough storage for a 2-3 bedroom house. 

  • 100 sq ft unit

Think of filling two full transit vans, or a large garage. Ideal for storing for two bedroom spaces. Can store king-sized mattresses, dining room furniture and other larger appliances. Enough storage for a 3-4 bedroom house. 

  • 150 sq ft unit

Enough space to fill a large removal van, or two parking spaces. The ideal choice for storing large TVs, sporting equipment up to and including a motorbike, large furniture, a dining room set, and even musical equipment like a piano or drum kit. Enough storage for a 4-5 bedroom house. 

Home Storage

If you plan on moving house, redecorating or renovating in the near future, you might be in need of some cheap and secure home storage. A lot of families find their homes cluttered over time with belongings they don’t need, and not all homes have good self storage options. That’s why it’s worth looking at the range of different storage unit sizes available at our facility here at Cheap Storage Manchester. 

Furniture takes up a lot of space, and if you’re planning on storing a lot of things you might want to look at one of our larger sq ft units. One the other hand, if you just want to store a few boxes, perhaps some miscellaneous family belongings, books or records, a much smaller unit will cover your needs! 

Business Storage

If your business is expanding and growing quickly, first of all: congratulations! Second of all, you might find yourself with a lot of surplus inventory, find yourself overstocked and in need of some extra storage. A lot of businesses operate entirely online these days, which means you inherently have less storage space available. 

Knowing what kind of storage unit is right for your business is entirely dependent on your needs. For instance, if you need to store a lot of files, records and documents, a relatively small storage unit should have you covered. On the other hand, if you have a lot of surplus inventory and equipment, depending on your kind of business you might need a larger storage unit! The best thing to do is use our estimator to gauge how much space you need. 

Student Storage

If you’re studying in the city of Manchester or the Greater Manchester area you might find yourself in need of cheap storage. Whether you’re going on a gap year, moving into new accommodation, or just going on holiday for a while, we understand that different students have very different storage needs. 

If you’re moving from halls to second-year accommodation, you might not own that much and you might be able to store all your things in a small storage unit over the summer. Because you gain belongings over the course of university, if you’re heading for a gap year after graduating, you might have a lot more things needing to be stored. In any case, we guarantee the most affordable student storage options in the Manchester area! 

Storage Prices

We have a completely new, specially built self storage centre at Cheap Storage Manchester. We’re determined not to be beaten for affordability and value for money in Manchester. To make sure the prices for our many different storage units are the best in the area we check our pricing regularly and always update our prices depending on the competition.  

We can offer you pricing plans from as little as £1 per week at Cheap Storage Manchester. Every customer gets a bespoke price based only on their needs and the exact amount of storage space they are using. 

You get 50% off your storage for your first 12 weeks, but we also have special offers on optional advanced payment. If you’re reluctant because you’re already using another storage centre, we promise a huge savings when you switch to us. You’ll get your first month with us free of charge, and we’ll pick up your belongings from your old storage facility for nothing, anywhere within 60 miles. 

Contact Us

If you’re in the Manchester area and you need secure and flexible storage at the best prices available in the area, then Cheap Storage Manchester is the place for you! Please contact us today on 0161 327 0946 to learn more about us, our different storage units, and how we can save you money on your storage needs today!

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At Cheap Storage Manchester we offer storage units, lockers and self storage units for home or business users.

Our state of the art storage facility truly offers a storage option to suit all size requirements. Whether it’s a few personal possessions to securely lock away, you're moving house, require space to store unused furniture from your home or a business user storing stock, tools or machinery, then Cheap Storage Manchester can help you.